My Favourite Queen Bee

You’ve always been here from the break of day,
On breakfast cereal carried in on a tray,
On the stamp that I place in the corner spot,
On postcards sent from places hot,

On the coins that I drop in a charity box,
On the royal barge that is seen at the docks,
On passports that carry me near and far,
On the side of my favourite marmalade jar,

On the note I hand over in the corner shop,
On an advert shown at my local bus stop,
On shiny plaques from ribbons cut,
On the sign that’s outside the local scout hut,

In song that is sung at a sporting event,
To a birthday card that is proudly sent,
On the silver and purple underground lines,
All over the country the black-backed signs,

Declaring you’re gone, the flag at half mast,
On the telly we’re watching a special broadcast,
Announcing your passing, it all seems surreal,
A light that’s gone out, a sting to be healed.

You’re there in my heart, but you’re here no more,
Who will I turn to, who shall I look for?
But wait, here’s your son stepping forward to serve,
He will be constant, he will preserve.

That sense of safety that we all crave,
The familiar around us that keeps us brave,
The anchor, the harbour, the rest from the storm,
The one thing that gives us a sense of the norm.

I’ll raise the flag, and I’ll drink my tea,
To the one who follows my favourite queen bee,
Your majesty, now I look to you,
To uphold what is faithful, deliver what’s true.

Your presence is felt, come what may,
From the setting sun to the break of day,
My prayers are with you at your behest,
May your darling mama find her true rest.

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  1. This is truly beautiful; a beautiful wonderful accolade to Her Majesty, May She rest in loving peace
    Thank you Olivia

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