Write2Write: day 4

Three little words…

One interesting thing that has started to happen as I journal throughout the day while simultaneously blogging and working on my novel is that I am starting to dream more. I don’t remember what my dreams are when I’m awake, at least I can’t grab the pen quickly enough to jot them down before they evaporate from my conscious mind, but I am aware it’s happening. I suspect that I’m unlocking something. The more I write, the more my brain wants to show me things.

Today’s blog post is subtitled, “three little words,” because I have realised something important in the last few days. No, I’m not about to say, “I love you,” but rather, quite simply, “I need help.” Writing is such a solitary past time that it’s extremely difficult for us to do it on our own. The Bronte sisters would walk around their dining table reading their work to each other, Jane Austen would write letters to her sister, Steven King is all over Twitter. There is something magical that happens when creative people come together to share their work, to brainstorm ideas, and to dream dreams.

That’s what I need. It’s what makes me feel most alive. My dream is to write a story about a girl who is a workaholic, over-achieving perfectionist. Tragedy strikes her family, she crashes and burns, and finds herself in a magical place that people only find when they need it the most. That is what Finding Freodholm is all about. That’s what I’m doing when I sit down and write every day. What about you?

What are your hopes, your dreams, your struggles, your fears? What ideas do you have that need fleshing out with an interested ear? How can we help each other? I need your help. Do you need mine?


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  1. So true!
    I finally reached out to get a mentor because all the beta and alpha readers I had wouldn’t offer constructive feedback.

      1. I found them through the writing community on Twitter. I loved working with Kate! And Rebecca is wonderful to work with.

  2. I agree. I’m not a joiner, and that make it hard to connect with other creatives sometimes. I’m also hesitant to ask others to read for me b/c even though I’m willing to reciprocate, what if I don’t like their stuff? But I’ve committed to reading it! It’s hard to find that balance of connecting with someone who can truly be of help and that you can help in return. At least that’s been my experience. Having said that, I’m happy to beta read. lol We should try it.

    1. Hi Barbara! I totally get what you mean. If someone asks me to read for them I always say take what you need and leave the rest behind. Creativity is so personal, and critiques can be so subjective, but there is something of value to be garnered from everyone.

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