The Bruised Optimist

23. How optimists feel pain and moving on when it hurts.

A Voice from the Past

Documenting life through great social change Welcome to day nineteen of the Staycation Podcast in which I talk about the great social change that faces us, and the importance of recording our voices in time. Hope you enjoy! Liv x

The Three-Legged Stool

The balance between body, mind and spirit Welcome to day 18 of my Staycation Podcast. I dedicate it to my dear friend Rosie who sadly passed away this morning from COVID-19. A light has gone out on earth but there will be singing and dancing in heaven. For your Rosie, RIP, Liv x

Write it out

How putting it into words can increase wellness Welcome to day seventeen of my staycation podcast where I talk about how the gift of writing in many forms can bring us an increased sense of wellbeing during challenging times. Enjoy! Liv x

Opportunity Knocks

Making the most of where we are today Welcome to day sixteen of my Staycation Podcast in which I talk about the plethora of things we could be doing with our time at home. Hope you enjoy. Do let me know how you are doing and how you're spending your time right now. Liv x

The Healing Power of Humour

Why it's good to have a laugh, even at ourselves Welcome to day fifteen of my Staycation Podcast in which I look at how a daily dosage of belly laughs can be good for our health. Enjoy! Liv x

We’ve got this

How perseverance will see us through to the other side Welcome to day fourteen of my Staycation Podcast in which I talk about the gifts of patience & perseverance that will see us through these unprecedented times. Enjoy! Liv x

An Attitude of Gratitude

How Counting Our Blessings Can Improve Our Day Welcome to day thirteen of my Staycation Podcast where I'm finding joy in adapting an attitude of gratitude. Hope you en-joy it too! Liv x

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