A Letter to the NHS

Letters in Lockdown Season 3, Episode 10, saying thank you to the NHS.

Letter to Self

Pearls of wisdom I've picked up along the way that I really need to hear. I hope you get something from them too. Letters in Lockdown Podcast S3 E8.

A Love Letter to America

Reflections on the land of opportunity, big skies and hope for tomorrow. Lockdown Podcast 2:3. Some further thoughts. Thanks for all your feedback. Let's keep this dialogue going!

Long Time No Speak

Taking the time to reconnect while we're apart Welcome to day three of my #Staycation podcast! Today is all about using this time to reconnect to people we may not have spoken to for a while, and staying connected with people we have. I hope you enjoy it.It's been lovely to hear back from so... Continue Reading →

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