A Whole New World

Experiencing culture shock as we explore a new normal Welcome to day 10 of my Staycation Podcast. It's been an emotional day for me but I'm hopeful that we can get through this together. Take care, Liv x

Rise & Shine

Taking care of our mental health by sticking to a routine Welcome to day nine of my Staycation Podcasts where I talk about the importance of routines in maintaining our mental health. Hope you enjoy! Take care, Liv x

The Queen Bee

The birds, the bees & smelling the roses Welcome to day eight of my Staycation Podcast! Today I was interrupted by a surprise visitor. Have a listen to find out who. Take care, Liv x

In the garden

Taking time to be still & breathe Welcome to day seven of my Staycation Podcast. I can't quite believe that a whole week has already gone by. It's certainly been a wild ride, but I've enjoyed some incredible moments and made some precious memories. Today is all about taking the time to breathe. I hope... Continue Reading →

Bringing the Outside-In

Fresh air, sunshine, daisies & birdsong from me to you Welcome to day five of my Staycation Podcast. Today I managed to get outside for five minutes and realised how grateful I was for that small amount of fresh air. Hope you're able to get out too, even if it's out the window! Stay safe... Continue Reading →

The Art of Convalescing

Giving ourselves a chance to refresh and restore Welcome to day four of my Staycation Podcast! Today I'm talking about reclaiming the art of convalescing and the importance of giving ourselves a chance to hit the refresh button and restore ourselves to peak operating potential. I hope you enjoy! Liv x

Long Time No Speak

Taking the time to reconnect while we're apart Welcome to day three of my #Staycation podcast! Today is all about using this time to reconnect to people we may not have spoken to for a while, and staying connected with people we have. I hope you enjoy it.It's been lovely to hear back from so... Continue Reading →

Bloomin Marvellous!

How fallow times can be preparation for fresh adventures Hello and welcome to day two of my #staycation podcast! Hope you enjoy, and do be sure to stop by and say hello in the comments section. I'd love to hear about what's going on in your corner of the world. Liv 🙂

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