Character Outline

I’m currently taking the Introduction to Screenwriting course from the University of East Anglia through Futurelearn, and as part of the course I’ve been working on a character outline which they have suggested we blog about. It’s a very vague sketch for something I’m working on but here it is:

The Characters Major Actions in Reverse Order
  • Kisses the girl
  • Kills nemesis
  • Escapes execution and runs away with girl and friends
  • Is tried and convicted
  • Is captured in a trap
  • Meets with girl and plans running away together
  • Kills guard who attacked his mother
  • Buries his mother
  • Finds his mother dying after being attacked
  • Celebrates his success with girl and friends
  • Distributes supplies
  • Carries out raid for supplies with friends
  • Breaks in to see girl
  • Plans raid with gang
  • Watches supply route from port to stores
  • Sees girl helping sick and poor
  • Tells his mother about the girl
  • Sees girl at port and fancies her
  • Shares all he has with friends and mother
  • Chased by guards with gang for petty thievery
Character wants:
  • To survive
  • Provide for his friends and family
  • To be happy
  • To fall in love

He is aware of his wants and needs, just may not know how to get them.

Character’s thoughts:
  • Anti-intellectual
  • Impulsive
  • Free-spirited
  • Finds it hard to focus
  • Overthinks things
  • Gets stressed
  • Emotional
How would a casual acquaintance see him?
  • Charming
  • Friendly
  • Life and soul of the party
  • Popular
Important Physical Characteristics
  • A perpetual cough and wheeziness
  • Skinnier and on the shorter side
  • Slightly malnourished

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