You Can’t Draw Water from an Empty Well

Exploring ways of filling our creative wells in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. Episode 25 of my Staycation Podcast.

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  1. Great to hear your voice again! Glad you’re (relatively) OK.

    You’ve probably been getting out and about more than me. Visit my son most weeks, had 2 nights away in South Wales (just before things got worse there), and other than shops and the odd walk/local trip, I’ve kept myself to myself on the whole. I’m probably overly cautious but feel more comfortable that way.

    Spend a lot of the day in the study writing – just finishing off the third draft of my longest novel so far. Also planning a non-Amazon-exclusive relaunch of my other ones before the end of the year too, which is keeping me more than busy, and relatively sane.

    1. Good to hear from you too, Mark. We don’t sound that different on the Emergence Front. I just tend to run out and then run back again multiple times. Fantastic news about your books. Well done! Olivia

      1. Thanks. Going through Draft2Digital for my books in future, so taking the opportunity to learn the lessons of what’s worked on my previous Amazon-specific offerings – or more correctly, what hasn’t worked! Covers, titles, blurbs, whatever… Another painstaking review of the text too. zzz

        That sounds a familiar approach to emerging! Luckily have lovely countryside nearby that can drive to and have spectacular walks (like up to West Kennet Long Barrow) without getting near anyone

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