Opportunity Knocks

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Making the most of where we are today

Welcome to day sixteen of my Staycation Podcast in which I talk about the plethora of things we could be doing with our time at home. Hope you enjoy. Do let me know how you are doing and how you’re spending your time right now.

Liv x

4 responses to “Opportunity Knocks”

  1. Sue Neale Avatar
    Sue Neale

    Thank you, your description of yesterday was certainly true especially for me the ice cream free writing. Will tune in daily now.
    Sue Neale

    1. Olivia McCabe Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it Sue!

  2. Gayle Avatar

    You are so inspirational! We seem to be on the same page. Finished a pair of knitted socks! Have yoga mats, but hadn’t gotten up my energy to start! Watching you tube services of churches I’ve wanted to visit and worship in , but always at my church!

    1. Olivia McCabe Avatar

      Thanks Gayle!

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