Staycation not Isolation

How to stay sane in the middle of Coronavirus

Hi all!

While I’m stuck at home because of COVID-19 I thought I’d start a podcast series for everyone else affected by coronavirus. Hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear from you! We are not alone, together we can!

Take care,

Liv x

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      1. Glad to see your post and hear your voice. We are on a minimal lock down here in South Carolina. Schools and colleges closed for the next few weeks as we have confirmed cases in our state and county. Using this as a time to catch up on projects also! Live in the country on a farm so plenty of space to be outside and enjoy the days!

      2. Hi Gayle! Lovely to hear from you. Maybe you should blog about life on the farm? I bet people would love to see pictures and live vicariously through you right now! (Hint, hint…)

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