Denman Writing Retreat

It's amazing what can happen when a group of people with a common interest and passion get together.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

  In my childhood I lived in a wonderful road where everyone knew each other. Children used to gather after school to hang out, build camps, run races and generally have fun. The older kids looked after the younger ones and so long as we we didn't leave the street and were back by tea... Continue Reading →

Seasonally Affected

A Way Out of the Winter Blues At the beginning of February during my first year at university I met with my personal advisor and told him I was thinking of dropping out. After chatting for a considerable amount of time I agreed to give it until Easter before deciding for sure. I ended up... Continue Reading →

The Liv Interviews: Derek Weisman

Fireside Chats With New Writers Liv: This month's Liv Interviews is with author Derek Weisman. Hello Derek, welcome. Tell the readers a bit about yourself. How long have you been writing? Derek: Thanks Liv, good to be here. I started writing when I was about fourteen. I had just read The Stand by Stephen King and... Continue Reading →

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